Campus Crime In Phoenix

Campus Crime: A Mistake With Lasting Problems

Most college students make mistakes. When those mistakes involve accusations of campus crime or off-campus crime, the consequences can last for a long time after college is over. No matter how minor a criminal charge may seem, make sure you know your rights and that you have a lawyer.

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At the O. Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix, our attorneys help our clients understand the charges against them, and we explain their options. In many cases, we are able to negotiate for a lesser charge or for no charge at all. We help prosecutors understand the circumstances surrounding the incident. In a recent case, after explaining the circumstances to a grand jury, the jurors actually laughed — and our client was not indicted.

Criminal charges at the start of adulthood are especially difficult.

College students are preparing for careers and adult lives. A criminal charge can derail educational and job opportunities even before graduation. Many campus crimes are no more than pranks that went too far. A criminal record is a high price to pay. A kinky text message or taping someone in an embarrassing situation or stealing property from a frat house may seem funny at the time, but it can end with an arrest, a conviction and a criminal record.

From a prank to sexual assault or marijuana possession, before you talk to anyone else, consult an attorney experienced with criminal defense.

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Before you say a word about what happened to campus officials or the police, contact a Mesa Campus Crime attorney for an initial consultation. Your future is at stake. We are here to listen and help.

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