Cocaine Crimes

Yes, the Prosecutor Will File Charges for Cocaine

In many locales, prosecutors do not file charges on a small amount of cocaine, but not in Maricopa County and other parts of Arizona. Every narcotics possession, even a small amount of cocaine, can mean an arrest and conviction — and that means a criminal record.

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At the O. Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix, we have handled thousands of drug possession cases over the past 45 years — and we have many grateful clients because we focus our entire law firm’s attention on each case. Our criminal defense lawyers work closely with our clients and we will keep you informed at every step.

Cocaine possession charges can harm your reputation.

Do not take chances. A cocaine charge will not simply go away. It is important to have an experienced attorney who has an in-depth understanding of the law, a commitment to you and a knowledge of prosecutor policies.

We will immediately begin to look for the weaknesses in the government’s case. In many situations, when retained at an early stage, we are able to point out those problems to law enforcement and the charges may be reduced or never filed. Cocaine is recognized as an addictive drug, but one that is easier to quit than others. There may be an opportunity for diversion, an option which opens the possibility of no charges.

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The sooner you contact our defense law office, the more opportunities there may be to minimize the consequences. Talk to a drug crimes defense lawyer at our law firm.