Prescription Drugs Defense In Phoenix

Phony Scrips Can Lead to Prison Sentence

Prosecutors take prescription drug crimes somewhat less seriously than other drug crimes, but the second charge means a mandatory prison sentence. Do not take chances even if this is your first arrest for prescription drugs. Ask for an initial consultation at the Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Prescription drug charges involve possession of dangerous, narcotic drugs that are obtained by fraud. Doctors and others who write phony scrips and those who use the scrips can be charged. Prosecutors often have more sympathy for prescription drugs charges because people usually form their addictions while taking the drugs according to prescription.

Talk to a lawyer — no one else — when facing prescription drug charges.

Many people want to explain why they have prescription drugs in their possession. Anything you tell the police can only make the situation worse. The attorneys at the O. Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix work together in your best interests. We will work to keep the charge from ever being filed or to assure you have a light sentence — probation or diversion.

When a prescription drug case goes to trial, it is treated more seriously by the prosecutor — and that can mean a more serious sentence. At our law firm, your case will get the full attention and experience of our lawyers.

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Do not take chances with your future and your freedom. Our criminal defense attorneysare known for their experience and capabilities. Joseph Chornenky is certified as a criminal law specialist by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. Contact our Prescription Drug defense Attorneys for an initial consultation.