Drug Importation

Drug Trafficking Carries Stiff Penalties

Police and prosecutors take an aggressive approach to suspected drug importation. Drug trafficking arrests and convictions are highly prized, and they go after suspected drug dealers or anyone they think may be connected to an alleged drug cartel. Our advice? Tell them nothing. Do not try to explain. Talk to a lawyer.

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At the O. Joseph Chornenky law firm, our experienced criminal defense attorneys have helped thousands of people accused of crimes over the past 45 years. We know how prosecutors and police in Arizona work, and we advise our clients on how to deal with law enforcement.

Do not make admissions. Do not let them search.

The four commandments we give our clients (see our Home page) are clear. Don’t talk to the police unless you called them. Don’t answer questions. Don’t agree to a search. Don’t be drawn into an argument. Focus on one thing — contacting your lawyer.

Police and prosecutors will pressure you. They like to turn drug trafficking suspects in their zeal to arrest more suspects. At our law firm, you can trust our experience and our commitment to you. We do not ever recommend turning. We recommend a thorough investigation by your lawyer and an effective defense that will keep you out of jail.

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Drug trafficking is a serious charge, and prosecutors like to use fear to pressure suspects into admissions. Take advantage of your right to have an attorney. Contact Phoenix drug defense lawyers at the Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, for an initial consultation.