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Arrested? This Is About Your Freedom

At the Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, we have thousands of happy clients. Most new clients are referrals from previous clients. That tells you that you can trust criminal defense Attorney O. Joseph Chornenky with your reputation and with your freedom.

When Freedom Matters · 45 years of Experience
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Unlike many law firms, we devote our entire law firm to each case. Joseph Chornenky, certified criminal law specialist, and Rae Chornenky, former judicial officer, work closely with each client to see that client through every step of the case. As a client, you will be actively involved in your case and receive copies of all important documents. In every area of criminal defense, our attorneys have the experience you need — and we are absolutely committed to your freedom.

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If you have been arrested, if you have been charged, if you think you may be arrested or charged, if the police want to talk to you, your first action, before saying or doing anything, should be to call our office. If you are facing drug charges or a gun crime arrest, assault charges or any criminal investigation, you need an attorney now.  Contact us for an initial consultation.